best video games for pc

Best Video Games for PC

PC gaming has earned a well-deserved reputation for being the platform of choice for many gamers worldwide. While consoles have their merits, PC gaming stands out with its unmatched performance, customization options, and vibrant modding community. In this article, we will explore top video games for PC, while also discussing why these games are better suited for the PC platform.

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The PC Advantage

Before delving into the games, let’s explore why some games are better suited for the PC platform than consoles:

Graphics and Performance: PCs boast powerful hardware, enabling superior graphics and higher frame rates, resulting in visually stunning and smoother gaming experiences. Gamers with high-end PCs can push the graphical boundaries of these games to achieve breathtaking visuals.

Customization and Mods: PC gamers enjoy the freedom to customize settings and access a vast array of mods, adding new content, improving visuals, and enhancing gameplay. Mods extend the lifespan of games, allowing players to continually discover new experiences.

Controls: The versatility of PC allows players to choose from a variety of input options, including keyboards, mice, controllers, and specialized peripherals, offering optimal control for different game genres. Players can tailor their control preferences to suit their playstyle.

Backward Compatibility: PCs generally offer better backward compatibility, allowing gamers to access a broad library of classic titles from various eras. PC gamers can revisit old favorites and discover timeless classics.

Online Experience: Dedicated servers on PC often lead to more stable and low-latency online multiplayer gameplay, providing an advantage over some console counterparts. This ensures smoother and more enjoyable online gaming sessions.

Now, let’s delve into top video games for PC and explore why they truly excel on this glorious platform.


Why it’s great for PC: “Fortnite” took the gaming world by storm, and on PC, it shines brightly with its visually stunning graphics and optimized performance. PC gamers can enjoy smoother frame rates, giving them a competitive edge during intense battles. Additionally, the PC platform’s customization options and mod support offer unique visual enhancements, allowing players to stand out on the battlefield.

Among Us

Why it’s great for PC: “Among Us” became a global sensation, and its cross-platform availability made it accessible to players on PC and mobile devices. However, on PC, players benefit from a larger screen, making it easier to observe and analyze the game’s social dynamics during thrilling space missions. The precise mouse controls allow for swift decision-making during emergency meetings.

Cyberpunk 2077

Why it’s great for PC: “Cyberpunk 2077” remains one of the most visually ambitious games on PC. The platform’s powerful hardware ensures smoother performance and allows players to experience the futuristic Night City in all its high-fidelity glory. Additionally, the modding community offers various graphical mods that further enhance the game’s visuals and overall experience.


Why it’s great for PC: The fast-paced and challenging nature of “Hades” benefits from the precision of keyboard and mouse controls. PC gamers can respond swiftly to enemy attacks, making the intense combat encounters even more exhilarating. Moreover, the PC platform’s modding community adds new weapons, abilities, and storylines, ensuring a continually evolving gameplay experience.


Why it’s great for PC: “Control” is a visually stunning masterpiece, and on PC, it truly shines with support for ray tracing and higher resolutions. The game’s mind-bending visuals are brought to life on the PC platform, providing players with an immersive and visually breathtaking experience. Additionally, the precise controls of a keyboard and mouse enhance the game’s intense combat sequences and telekinetic abilities.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Why it’s great for PC: “Divinity: Original Sin 2” is a classic RPG that flourishes on the PC platform. The turn-based tactical combat is perfectly suited for the precision of mouse controls, allowing players to strategize and execute their moves flawlessly. Furthermore, the PC modding community expands the game’s already massive world, offering an endless stream of new quests, characters, and challenges.


Why it’s great for PC: “Squad” is a teamwork-driven, realistic military shooter that demands coordination and communication. The PC platform’s superior voice chat and precise aiming with a mouse provide players with a tactical advantage during intense firefights. The game’s large maps and complex objectives are well-suited for the PC gaming experience.


Why it’s great for PC: “Factorio” appeals to the engineer within every player. The game’s intricate industrial systems benefit from the precise controls of a mouse and keyboard, allowing players to design and optimize their factories with ease. Additionally, the PC platform’s modding support adds a wealth of new content and gameplay features that further enrich the game.

Stardew Valley

Why it’s great for PC: The tranquil and wholesome world of “Stardew Valley” resonates deeply with PC gamers. The game’s relaxing farming simulation gameplay is best enjoyed on the PC platform, offering players an opportunity to escape to a charming digital farm with precise mouse controls. Furthermore, the PC modding community continuously adds new crops, characters, and gameplay mechanics, ensuring endless fun and creativity.


Why it’s great for PC: “Cuphead” charms players with its unique 1930s cartoon-inspired visuals and challenging run-and-gun gameplay. The precision of a keyboard and mouse enhances the experience, allowing players to navigate the game’s intense boss battles with accuracy. Moreover, the PC platform offers smooth frame rates, contributing to a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.

In conclusion, these top video games for PC demonstrate the platform’s versatility in delivering immersive experiences across different genres. The PC advantage of superior graphics, customization, and controls make these games even more enjoyable on this platform. Whether players seek fast-paced battles, strategic challenges, or engaging narratives, the PC platform offers an abundance of choices that cater to the diverse tastes of gamers worldwide. Embrace the PC master race and dive into the world of immersive and enriching gameplay.